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my birthday is in two weeks, i took 4 days off of work (3 before 1 after though sunday doesnt count so it’s actually 3), i have zero plans except for halloween…

i’m so lame. maybe i’ll go to the zoo and just hang out with simba, keep him company while he naps.

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Nick is mad that Mo is so close to the booty. He protects the booty.

Nick is mad that Mo is so close to the booty. He protects the booty.

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"Look, the Republicans just slay me. They are just so ridiculous. So they had an Ebola czar. His name is Vivek Murthy. He’s President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General which the Republicans have been stalling at the request of the National Rifle Association since February. So, the Republican’s idea of how to practice medicine is to listen to the National Rifle Association. I discount everything they say, they know nothing. They’re not interested in health; they’re interested in politics."



let’s all take a minute to stop and think about how Hagrid gave Harry his homemade birthday cake, told him how much he looked like his parents, and fed him sausages before he even started to explain that he was a wizard

let’s stop to think about how his absolute first priority was to let harry know that he was loved and cared for

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Fire cannot kill the dragon


Fire cannot kill the dragon




game of thrones will really surprise people next season when in the ninth episode they kill off actual viewers


I was not expecting that, and I laughed entirely too loud.

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory